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Where’s The Music?

Music has an influence on people that most don’t realize. It can bear someone’s emotions, tell their stories, and tell listeners information that spoken word can’t convey, and UMW could benefit from more of it everywhere.  Music is the backbone to most of what gets done around campus. It motivates people in the gym, keeps […]

“Biting the Hand”: The Rise of the Parasocial Relationship Post-Pandemic

The lights go down in the stadium, arena or small underground jazz club you’ve been queuing outside for hours, maybe even days. Around you the air is full of anticipation. The artist, maybe your favorite or one you’ve only just discovered, walks, struts or ascends onto stage. The first song starts playing and they are […]

Meet Secretary Madison!

Hi everyone! My name is Madison/Maddie, and I am the station secretary. I’m a sophomore double majoring in computer science and studio art. I’ve been involved in the station since my first semester at UMW. My favorite genres of music are Midwest emo, hardcore, and pop punk. I’m looking forward to collaborating with you all […]

Meet Treasurer Allison!

Hello everyone! I am Allison the station’s treasurer, and I am so happy to be working with y’all. I am currently a sophomore and I have been involved with the station since my first semester at UMW. My favorite genres of music are New Wave, Visual Kei, Dream Pop, and Shoegaze. I can’t wait to see […]

Meet Station Manager Leda!

Hello! I am Leda, a.k.a. WMWC’s station manager and host of Black Rabbit Keychain. Right now I’m finishing my last semester at UMW as a Geospatial Analysis major. Radio has been a large part of my college experience, and I am very passionate about providing quality programming for the community and empowering students to express […]

Meet Station Director Davy!

Hey Everyone! I’m Davy, the Station Director, and I’m at a loss of words at how proud and lucky I am to be in this position! I’m currently a junior English Creative Writing major with a minor in Digital Studies, and I’ve been with the station since late last spring! Some of my favorite genres […]