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The Legendary Miss Britney Spears

Britney Spears has reigned as the “Princess of Pop” for over two decades. She’s one of the most controversial public figures of all time, with The Seattle Times labeling her as “a punch line” and Fox News calling her a “train wreck” during her public mental breakdown in 2007. Recently, however, she’s experienced a surge […]

Album Review: Welcome to GLOOMTOWN

It’s FINALLY time for I Don’t Know How But They Found Me’s sophomore Album, “GLOOM DIVISION.” Was the album worth the wait? What’s in store for listeners who’ve been trembling with anticipation for this release, or newcomers to the band’s music? Before I get into the songs, I want to catch you up with the […]

The Forever Season: The Conclusion of Noah Kahan’s Most Unfiltered Era

If you’ve never heard Noah Kahan before, you could probably still recognize his music. With a career spanning almost a decade including an explosion of popularity after the release of his third album, Stick Season, in 2022, Kahan has claimed a special position in the indie-folk industry. There is an undeniably unique and overwhelming sensory […]

Bad Moves – In Review

Bad Moves is a Washington, D.C. based band that formed in 2015. This power pop band is made up of four members: bassist Emma Cleveland, guitarist David Combs, guitarist Katie Park and drummer Daoud Tyler-Ameen. They decided to split up duties such as music composition, lyricism and singing so they do not solely focus on […]

Let’s Get Physical – The Importance of Physical Media

In the modern streaming age, you might think physical media is a thing of the past; a relic of a bygone era. But music in the form of vinyl records, and film and television in the form of blu-ray has been making quite the comeback in the last few years.  While physical media is far […]

Where’s The Music?

Music has an influence on people that most don’t realize. It can bear someone’s emotions, tell their stories, and tell listeners information that spoken word can’t convey, and UMW could benefit from more of it everywhere.  Music is the backbone to most of what gets done around campus. It motivates people in the gym, keeps […]


All music enthusiasts have those special songs. The ones that aren’t really songs, but more so out-of-body experiences. Of course that is the strange, beautiful power of music. It can produce an aural representation of emotions that impact us unlike any other art form. Our amygdalas are super sensitive to sound–it’s the scientific proof that […]

“Midnights”: The Anti-Hero of the Grammy’s 

On Feb. 5, Taylor Swift, pop icon and international superstar, won the Grammy’s Album of the Year for the fourth time in her 20-year-long career. While this win was likely no surprise to viewers or her fellow nominees, Swift’s most recent album, “Midnights,” did not deserve the award. Although Swift has, without a doubt, earned […]

“Biting the Hand”: The Rise of the Parasocial Relationship Post-Pandemic

The lights go down in the stadium, arena or small underground jazz club you’ve been queuing outside for hours, maybe even days. Around you the air is full of anticipation. The artist, maybe your favorite or one you’ve only just discovered, walks, struts or ascends onto stage. The first song starts playing and they are […]

Saltburn’s Soundtrack Might be the Most Compelling Element of the Film– Here’s Why

By Layla McGovern If you haven’t seen Saltburn, you’ve probably heard about it on social media. Saltburn took the internet by storm with Barry Keoghan’s captivating portrayal of a young man, Oliver Quick, infatuated with Jacob Elordi’s steamy golden boy, Felix Catton. Throughout the film, it becomes apparent that Oliver’s obsession with Felix is dangerous […]

What is Horrorcore?

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If you have ever heard snippets of songs talking about meeting Dracula or encountering Freddy Krueger, you’ve been hearing horrorcore.   Horrorcore is defined as a subgenre of hip hop, including hardcore rap and heavy metal in their songs. As evident in the name, horror is the main theme of this genre, but it covers a […]

Leave Your Body and Soul at the Door:

A History of “Goth” and an Inside Look Into the FXBG Scene Advocate Azrael Fanning The goth scene has been around since the 80s, but many are unaware of the presence it has right here in Fredericksburg! In fact, there’s an all ages, no cover goth night held every 4th Thursday at Curitiba Art Cafe […]

Macklemore Brings Electric BEN Tour to the Nation’s Capital

By: Callie Harkins On a stage adorned with pyrotechnics, water guns, and intricate lighting, Ben Haggerty – known musically as Macklemore – performed for a sold-out crowd at The Anthem in Washington, D.C., on Tuesday, Sept. 19.  The Anthem, which holds 6,000 and is located on the Wharf, hosted the two-time Grammy winner on the […]