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  • Where’s The Music?
    Music has an influence on people that most don’t realize. It can bear someone’s emotions, tell their stories, and tell listeners information that spoken word can’t convey, and UMW could benefit from more of it everywhere.  Music is the backbone to most of what gets done around campus. It motivates people in the gym, keeps… Read more: Where’s The Music?
    All music enthusiasts have those special songs. The ones that aren’t really songs, but more so out-of-body experiences. Of course that is the strange, beautiful power of music. It can produce an aural representation of emotions that impact us unlike any other art form. Our amygdalas are super sensitive to sound–it’s the scientific proof that… Read more: SONGS THAT ARE PERFECT 10/10
  • “Midnights”: The Anti-Hero of the Grammy’s 
    On Feb. 5, Taylor Swift, pop icon and international superstar, won the Grammy’s Album of the Year for the fourth time in her 20-year-long career. While this win was likely no surprise to viewers or her fellow nominees, Swift’s most recent album, “Midnights,” did not deserve the award. Although Swift has, without a doubt, earned… Read more: “Midnights”: The Anti-Hero of the Grammy’s