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Partially Void

Welcome to Partially Void! On this show, I’m featuring music by smaller/indie artists that I really enjoy. I hope that through this show you find something new and different to jam to. Thank you for tuning in today! Happy listening!

That Sh*t F*cks

A show for me to talk about all of the shit that fucks (is good). And sometimes about all of the shit that doesn’t fuck (is bad). Sometimes I will play music. It will fuck.

Spontaneous Combustion

hi! my name is kin i’ll be hosting a plethora of themed shows including indie and alternative artists! i’ll talk about the music and its relevance to me as well as have some discussions surrounding audience interactions! i can’t wait to hang out with y’all!

Tunes From the Tavern

Hello Traveler! My name is Elsie, and welcome to Tunes from the Tavern, a Fantasy/ Ren-Faire inspired radio station at the University of Mary Washington! This station is where I’ll be playing songs that I would play on the way to the Renaissance Faire. Every week we”ll explore either a specific artist (Celtic Women, the […]